Andrei Gatej

Hello! I'm Andrei Gatej,

a Software Developer with a passion for solving problems and learning new things.

Dec 2018 - my very first hackathon


Stack Overflow

I always find pleasure in helping other developers. It is also a great way to improve skills and discover new approaches to all sorts of problems.


Undoubtedly, bringing your idea to life is an ineffable feeling. Whether it is about a personal project, a company project or an Open Source project, it's a joy to face the challenges involved.


My curiosity makes me want to know more about the how and the why behind the tools I'm working with. Here I document my journey, share my findings/learnings and much more.


I'm a student in the The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bucharest.

Regarding development, I prefer working within the JavaScript ecosystem, hence I'm familiar with TypeScript, Angular, RxJS and Node.js. I love working on both Front-End and Back-End. Nevertheless, I'm always willing to explore and learn new skills or technologies.

Although I spend almost every waking hour studying articles, exploring a new technology or building something fun, I also enjoy doing sports, reading and spending time with my friends.