Andrei Gătej

Hello! I'm Andrei Gătej,

a Software Developer with a passion for solving problems and learning new things.


Stack Overflow

I always find pleasure in helping other developers. It is also a great way to improve skills and discover new approaches to all sorts of problems.


Undoubtedly, bringing your idea to life is an ineffable feeling. Whether it is about a personal project, a company project or an Open Source project, it's a joy to face the challenges involved.

Daily (Front End)

Invoice Application

Vote Monitoring App


My curiosity makes me want to know more about the how and the why behind the tools I'm working with. Here I document my journey, share my findings/learnings and much more.

Understanding the magic behind @ngrx/effects

A thorough exploration of Angular Forms

Understanding the magic behind StoreModule of NgRx (@ngrx/store)

Angular Router: Revealing some interesting facts and features

Angular Router: Getting to know UrlTree, ActivatedRouteSnapshot and ActivatedRoute

My Dev notes

I like to keep track of my learning journey. Considering the abundance of great material that can be found of the Internet, it's difficult to keep up with everything. Here I post things that are worth writing down, from my perspective.

CSS Notes

JavaScript Notes

Git Notes

Node.js Notes

TypeScript Notes


I'm a student in the The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bucharest.

Regarding development, I prefer working within the JavaScript ecosystem, hence I'm familiar with TypeScript, Angular, RxJS and Node.js. I love working on both Front-End and Back-End. Nevertheless, I'm always willing to explore and learn new skills or technologies.

Although I spend almost every waking hour studying articles, exploring a new technology or building something fun, I also enjoy doing sports, reading and spending time with my friends.