Andrei Gătej

Hello! I'm Andrei Gătej, a software developer with a passion for web development.

I enjoy solving problems and I'm always seeking improvement in the work I do. Nevertheless, I have a curious mind which often leads me to want to learn more about how tools work under the hood.

Here I'm sharing my programming journey, along with some of my thoughts.

My Work

Stack Overflow

I always find pleasure in helping other developers. It is also a great way to improve skills and discover new approaches to all sorts of problems.

YouTube Channel

Sometimes explanations are more efficiently transmitted through videos. I also consider sharing my learnings through YouTube videos to be a good way to improve on my communication skills.


Undoubtedly, bringing your idea to life is an ineffable feeling. Whether it is about a personal project, a company project or an Open Source project, it's a joy to face the challenges involved.


My curiosity makes me want to know more about the how and the why behind the tools I'm working with. Here I document my journey, share my findings/learnings and much more.



I'm a student in the The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bucharest.
I'm in my second year, expected to (hopefully) graduate in 2023.


One of my ambitions is to become the best programmer I can humanly be.

Although I find everything about programming interesting, web development is my passion and I love working in all of its areas: Front-End, Back-End, DevOps, Databases and even Security.
My experience mostly spans the JavaScript ecosystem: JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, Angular, RxJS, Node.js and webpack. I'm also familiar with SQL, Go and Docker.

I'm always open to face new challenges and to learn new things.


Programming is also a hobby. I like to find answers to my questions and then share my knowledge with other developers.

As I'm a curious person, I enjoy watching all sorts of documentaries. Most of them are about history, especially because every time I learn something new about what happened in the past, I'm getting a sense of gratitude. It is quite hard to put into words!

Because important chapters of my life have been dedicated to football(soccer), I can't leave out sport. Doing sports always brings me positive energy.